First Trimester (11-14 weeks)

This is the first scan that is advised in a pregnancy. This scan helps to find the date (confirm or calculate expected date of delivery). Assess the baby's growth up to this point. Single baby or twins or more.

During the scan we can see the fetal head, spine, limbs, stomach and fetal heart activity. Seeing the major organs of the baby assures us that things are normal. Sometimes, to see the baby better; an internal (vaginal) scan may be needed.

Ultrasound scans are safe in pregnancy.

It allows us to see the baby as if we are looking through a glass plane.
The purpose of having a scan is to determine :
Correct dates (period of gestation)
Baby is formed normally
Baby is growing well
A normal ultrasound examination assures us that the little one is doing well.

Target / Detail Scan

The 18-22 week scan is like a clinical examination of the fetus. During this scan, the head ,face, heart, lungs, stomach, bladder, kidneys and limbs of the fetus are thoroughly scanned. Fetal activity is also observed during scanning. The umbilical cord, location of the placenta, which gives nutrition to the baby and the amniotic fluid that surrounds the fetus are examined.

Fetal Master Health Checkup

Every pregnancy is to be enjoyed and cherished and every baby is precious. A small number of women can have problems in pregnancy and therefore antenatal screening with scans is offered to all. Scans have to be done well and done at right time in pregnancy to ensure that we get the right information.


First Trimester Scan

First Trimester Scan (11-14 weeks)

Target / Detail Scan

Target Scan / Detail Scan (18-22 weeks)

Growth Scan

Growth Scan (after 32 weeks)

Tests & Scans