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Growth Scan (After 32 weeks) at Fetal Scan Centre | Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Growth Scan (After 32 weeks)

Fetal growth may be monitored by followup / serial scans. This may be required is some pregnancies. During this scan, the fetal head , abdomen and femur (thigh bone) are measured and plotted on a graph to assess the growth.

At this time, a detailed evaluation of all organs / limbs may be difficult due to fetal position and relative less space around the baby. In some situations, a 'Dopler study' may be indicated to study blood flow of the baby.

Growth Scan (After 32 weeks)

Performing the scan requires skill ad concentration , so the sonographer may be quite for short periods of time, which is entirely normal. The time taken for on scan is variable depending on the visibility, fetal position, presence or absence of abnormalities. In some cases, the fetus would need to be seen by more than one operator and if necessary on another day. The sonographer will explain the reason why she/he recommends a repeat scan and will arrange an appointment. THis is a normal process which is done to ensure quality.

After the initial checks and measurements are completed the bay will be shown on the screen and the parts explained. At the FSC, you mau view your baby during the scan on the display screen in fron of you.