The Fetal Scan Centre Malaysia is dedicated to ensuring that patients have immediate access to the latest in medical services. This includes our new state-of-the-art prenatal diagnostic service, where patients can avail of the latest cutting-edge obstetric ultrasound and screening tests, as early as the first trimester of pregnancy.

These services are provided in a confidential, private setting, in which adequate time is taken to ensure a full understanding of the wonder and joy of pregnancy. The ethos of the Irish Maternal Fetal Foundation is to individualize all aspects of care for each patient, and to provide such care in a consultant-led setting.

Advanced obstetric ultrasound services are provided for all pregnant patients desiring reassurance, or referred from other providers such as general practitioners, midwives and obstetricians. Quality assurance in the provision of obstetric ultrasound services is critical if accurate information is to be obtained from these tests and also to avoid needless anxiety from sub-optimally performed procedures.